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House Rules

If anyone's looking for a new vampire series to read, I highly recommend the Chicagoland Vampire Series by Chloe Neill. The newest book of the series, House Rules, comes out next week. What better time to pick up the series than now?!

Does anyone have any other book suggestions?


Happy Birthday, Roxy!!

The funniest thing evAr!

He's trying to hula hoop:


Anyone see or plan on seeing the new Clooney/Zellweger film Leatherheads?
Man, a poboy sounds good right about now. I could go for either a roast beef with gravy or shrimp. MmmmMmm.


I have been wanting a video camera for a while now. Now that I have Nicholas, I want one even more. So, I decided a month or so ago that I would put my Christmas money toward getting a video camera. Now I have the money put up so I won't spend it and I have no idea which camera I'm wanting. And I really don't have it narrowed down to any particular cameras.

I need your opinions. I'm only looking to spend around 200 bucks on one. And I'm thinking the miniDV is the way to go. Other than that, I have no idea.

So. Any suggestions? I got on bestbuy.com and found a samsung and a jvc that were only 199.99 each. But ....? I dunno.

Maybe I'll scratch the minidv thing and pay a bit more for the dvd camcorders. I really don't know. ...

Aug. 3rd, 2007

So. Ohio has this proposed law that would require a woman looking to get an abortion to get permission from the father before she can get the abortion. If she doesn't know who the father is, she'll have to provide a list of possible fathers and a paternity test would have to be done before she could get an abortion.
So I guess if the guy doesn't want the abortion but the girl does, she's forced to carry the baby to term? How ridiculous is that?! I mean sure, she can give it to him once it's born and he can raise it. But she still has to carry the baby. She still has to birth it. I don't see how they can force a woman to do that against her will.
This issue has caused quite a debate on a community that I read. I just thought I'd ask you guys' opinions.

Here's the article.

Jul. 23rd, 2007

The Maury Show is hilariously entertaining.
Why have we not found Bin Laden yet?