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Calling all Grey's fans...

Are you Team Izzie or Team Callie? why?


I love Earl.

Thank you, that is all.

I stoled it...

it's pretty funny...
How many of you are watching American Idol?

May. 6th, 2006

Do any of you eat Yoplait yogurt?

I never pay attention to what is written under the lid. I was just eating some and the writing caught my eye. (Hell, I just noticed it's also written on the top of the lid.)
If you save the lid, and mail it to the address printed on the bottom of the lid, they will donate 10 cents per lid to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

And the commericals don't lie! You really can fling your spoon everywhere and that stuff stays put!

OOPs. she did it again!

Britney's pregnant again!
she's due october 2nd or 3rd.

Apr. 5th, 2006

American Idol: I missed it. Who was voted off?